made for the #CGAJam

Welcome, to Mr. Vanilla's Ice Cream Villa!

Looks like you're open for business, just make sure you serve your customers the right sweets [ in the right order ], or else they may rate your shop poorly!

this game was created in 'kinda-sorta-24-hours'

[ long story short, I had a different idea but scrapped it right before the deadline, most of the art was kept, but the entire code was made fresh, sorta like Mr. Vanilla's ice cream ]

as a result, there may [ read: definitely ] be some bugs

also I may have [ read: without a doubt ] stayed up for the last 24 hours... straight...

so I'm sorta tired now [ read: holy fuck my brain melted ]

Thank you so much for playing! I hope you enjoyed.

If you have feedback / comments / questions / sleep-advice, you can hit us up whenever & wherever you'd like:


take care :)


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Nice game! There are certainly some bugs but overall good effort.

I think sometimes the combinations were too long to remember.  I also wasn't exactly sure of the consequences if a customer got the wrong order / got impatient, as in, I'm not sure when game over is.

Thanks for the feedback.

The game never ends. After roughly 4-5 minutes, the current day will end and display some simple scores. Angry customers will negatively affect these scores.

Sorry for the late reply & thank you very much for playing!